I haven’t seen Bohemian Rhapsody because it doesn’t appeal to me, but I don’t keep up with award show films in general (I’m too low brow). What I might start doing is watching scenes from prestige films out of context, like this one posted to Twitter. It is (unintentionally) hilarious and it makes the movie look so, so bad. 


Sofia Vergara, the highest paid actress on television, has posted a few photos of her in jeans with the hashtag #daysofdenim. This makes me think a clothing line is forthcoming. I did a quick bit of research and she did have a denim line at Sears (I can’t find anything active on it) but with Modern Family in its sunset years, what is next for Sofia? If you follow her on Instagram, she’s very into hosting parties and décor and travel – starting a lifestyle brand has probably been looked at by her team.


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I was going to make a joke about rebooting the Planet Hollywood restaurant chain but they still exist! I knew there was a hotel in Vegas, but I had no idea there were still restaurants. Obviously none of the original stars (Arnold, Sly, Demi, Bruce) are affiliated with it anymore, but I still feel like I need to eat at one, for research. (I already know what I’m ordering, the “world famous chicken crunch.”) In the pop culture history books, can Planet Hollywood take some credit for launching the “celebrities who own restaurants” craze that quickly died once business managers put their foot down and told their clients to stop investing in restaurants because it’s a notoriously fickle and unstable industry? I think it can. 


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It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Charlie Hunnam but once in a while a new fan photo pops up on Instagram. Still fine. 


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Jeepers Billy, look who’s on Instagram. (Instagram, give this man a verification checkmark. He has earned it.)


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Happy Oprah’s birthday, everyone.


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