It’s nearing the end of January, which has been a very long month for some people. Jason Momoa is here to ease people into February with a bubble bath. It’s for a Super Bowl ad. As previously mentioned, he’s in the bath and I don’t think further details are necessary. A not-insignificant number of people on Twitter are offering to drink the water. The thirst is literally real. 


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Lena Dunham is on the cover of UK Cosmo for February, and the photos are bright and pink, and the interview is as candid as we’ve come to expect from Lena Dunham.

A lot of headlines are focusing on her breakup with Jack Antonoff (she mentions she was briefly engaged to a rebound) but I read it hoping for details on her breakup with her business partner, Jenni Konner. Lena briefly mentions it happened around the same time as her hysterectomy and romantic breakup, but there’s no follow-up. That is the story I want to read. Because it doesn’t seem they just ended their business relationship, but the personal one, too. What happened there?


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Has Rian Johnson had work done? He looks amazing.

Billy Porter knew that when he showed up at the Grammys with that hat, he would become a meme. I’m sure he embraces it and it will be used for years to come. But will anyone top this? I screamed. I might have clapped. I screamed again.

These two young women got hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hoodwinked, led astray! 


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For a minute, Dolce&Gabbana was off red carpet lists for stylists. (I know, we all know, Blake Lively doesn’t have a stylist.) In November, 2018, the NYT covered D&G’s series of missteps (some with serious racist overtones) and sales dipped. But now, as many fashion journalists on Twitter have noted, D&G is creeping back in. Stylists who a couple of years ago said they won’t have D&G on the racks are now dressing their clients in it. What changed? Did D&G hire someone with strong celebrity/stylist relationships to help them repair the brand?

There is a story coming on this, I can feel it. 



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The criticism of American Dirt (which is #3 on Amazon right now) continues. Last week, Salma Hayek posted about the book and then had to take the post down after admitting she hadn’t read it yet. Does it seem like she kind of threw Oprah under the bus here? Oprah didn’t just announce it to Salma, it is a book club pick. Anyway, Oprah is sticking with her recommendation, hoping to bring all sides to the table to talk about it.  As this Vanity Fair piece points out, she’s leaning all the way into the controversy


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