Today is Bradley Cooper’s birthday. Film School Rejects says that Nightmare Alley is arguably his best performance. But can we give some love to Rocket?! He is SO good in that role, so expressive, so irreverent and funny and irreplaceable. Although I’d say it’s a combination of his performances in The A Team and Wedding Crashers. Respect for Sack Lodge! 


Today is also January Jones’s birthday which she is redefining for herself and she has decided that she is ageless. Basically the Mariah Carey approach. 

The revelations from Prince Harry’s memoir, Spare, are lighting up the internet today. We’re getting details about how his brother Prince William attacked him. Something something about baby brain and watching Meghan Markle’s Suits love scenes on YouTube and then having to undergo hypnosis to unsee them. Also how he lost his virginity and so much more. I might have to start blocking out all of these because I want to read and savour all this tea for myself. But my favourite tweet about all of the Harry reveals is not true, but I wonder if it might become a trend because of how MUCH Harry is spilling. For its specificity and excellent crafting though, this one will remain the OG. I laughed for a long time when this came up in my feed.  


You know who always has good gossip and IS good gossip herself? The subject of my site intro yesterday, Julia Fox. Who was on Watch What Happens Live and… well… you KNOW Andy is always going to ask. But also, you KNOW Julia is always going to answer. In her signature amazing way. As if she was going to keep that a secret. 


Julia Fox opens up about her best date with a celebrity & teases that it was with rapper Drake. #WWHL

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This was well-reported on last year. And she’s talked about it herself. So it’s not exactly a bombshell, it’s more the delivery. Also, for posterity, let me bring back this classic – because it actually predates the date. Hunter Harris, as always, is the sh-t.  

There are a lot of big name directors contending for Oscar this season: Spielberg, Cameron, Baz Luhrmann, just to name a few. The New York Film Critics Circle, however, awarded S.S. Rajamouli as Best Director for his film RRR. And RRR has been picking up solid momentum heading into the nomination period. Rajamouli will represent at the Golden Globes next week and insiders are saying there’s a chance that RRR could be one of the ten Best Picture nominees.


New year but no sign of Rihanna yet in 2023. We’re now about five weeks out from the Super Bowl so she’s likely getting deep into prep. While there have been no further details about her halftime performance, there is a bit of Rihanna news circulating today. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter Peter Berg gave an update on his long-anticipated Rihanna documentary. The woman is in no hurry to drop that album and she’s definitely in no hurry to drop the doc. 

It’s BTS time, and what did I just say yesterday about the non-stop BTS content that keeps on coming. First the band’s management released a notice to fans about Jin’s military training. There’s obviously been a LOT of mail and gifts sent to the base and it’s probably overwhelming for all the people there to sort through it. They’re also gently trying to discourage people from showing up for the graduation ceremony for safety reasons: 


Meanwhile, the second episode of Suga’s talk show, Suchita, has just dropped. And to promote it he dropped a thirst trap. 


Finally, RM is back at the gym and is apparently in beast mode.