Dr. Dre’s year is off to an intense start as he’s in the hospital after suffering a brain aneurism (thankfully, he seems to be OK). Dre and his ex-wife Nicole are in a messy and contentious divorce battle with allegations of misappropriation of funds and infidelity – do you think this life-or-death event will cool things down? 


Have you been listening to more podcasts or less during the pandemic? For me, it’s like reading – I can only do it in short bursts and I can’t start a new series so I stick with hosts I know. (It’s kind of incredible that in 2014, we binged Serial together because it was so methodical and detailed. I can’t imagine social media holding the same attention for it today.) Anyway, here’s a guy who wants you to know he has things to say. He’ll get to it any minute now. 


Do you give your postal carrier a holiday card or gift? I do, because he is very good about hiding my packages when I’m not home, which saves me from the dreaded slip on the door. These custom-made cookies Amanda Seyfried gave out are so adorable and thoughtful. I followed Amanda’s link to the bakery and she is so talented. Fancy cookies are so much better than fancy cakes because at least you can eat them. Cakes covered in fondant are, in my opinion, inedible. 


Over the holidays I watched the David Foster documentary and if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend it. It’s dishy. And Celine Dion wears a huge statement necklace.


The Office has returned to NBC (via Peacock) and so there is talk of a reunion. There’s no story in the works (and it may be interview-style, like the HBO Max Friends special). Like Friends, The Office has a steady stream of popularity, with memes and fan accounts, thanks to binge watching, as well as the cast embracing their past roles on cameo and through podcasts (Angela Kinsey and Jenna Fischer’s Office Ladies is one of many). Gossip Girl ended in 2012 and it’s already being rebooted so The Office seems inevitable. But, and this is a big but, by the end of The Office’s run, it had already lost its biggest star (Steve Carrell) as well as Mindy Kaling and BJ Novak (who also served as writers). The new cast members that cycled through never really jelled, except Ellie and Holly. To get the original cast to come onboard would be expensive and pretty tricky, scheduling wise. 

It’s January 6 and already we’ve had so much fresh gossip. But some things never change.