Near the end of last year, Grinch green seemed to be everywhere. Would you consider this to be Grinch green on Tracee Ellis Ross? Depends on the light, I say. It’s an amazing colour on her though. And I really, really like it against a green background too. 


The 355 opens tomorrow and Jessica Chastain has been doing promo for it all week. You may have seen that headline from her appearance on Ellen, when she shared that her grandmother sat on Bradley Cooper’s lap. It was Bradley Cooper’s birthday yesterday, that was her birthday gift to him. You know what I think is the best part of this story though? She also did it because her grandmother wasn’t answering her call, LOL. 


Lupita Nyong’o is also in The 355, but I haven’t seen her do in-person press and it’s because, as she announced on Twitter, she’s tested positive for COVID. Like so many other celebrities in a similar position, she’s taking the shame out of getting COVID and using her platform to encourage vaccination. 

Dionne Warwick and Oreo are still hate-flirting on Twitter: 


BTS’s RM is out of quarantine and posted a photo of the wind chime he designed (it’s part of the band’s latest merch collection) and it is now, not surprisingly, sold out. The chime looks super cool – but I have to say, I’ve always been creeped out by the sound of wind chimes. In movies, doesn’t something bad happen when the chimes start chiming?! 


Now Jin’s pyjamas, on the other hand, I want. 

Of all the members, it seems like Jimin is the one who posts (to feed at least) most seldom on IG. Jimin has yet to post on IG feed in 2022. I would really like to know how long his hair is now.