Jimmy Kimmel is not letting Aaron “I did my own research” Rodgers off the hook quite yet, which makes me think he might actually sue him? Or at the very least, send a cease and desist. This leads me to a very annoying thing about the Epstein files: there are celebrities who are mentioned who never met Epstein, never interacted with him (even at a party) and definitely didn’t visit his island. 


Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio are two big names attracting attention because they were namechecked by Pedo One and/or Pedo Two because, shocker, sex traffickers also lie! They (or their lawyers) mentioned celebs who’ve they never met because they were constantly leveraging their shady circle to intimidate victims. But once a name gets attached to Epstein, the conspiracy theorists grab it and don’t let go. Take a look at the comments – it’s disturbing. What’s frustrating about this is that it takes the heat off the people who did hang with Epstein very regularly, like Prince Andrew!!!!!!!! Andy should be the story, not Cameron Diaz. 


How Mark Hamill met his mother.


I don’t follow the Gypsy Rose story so this is how every interview sounds to me. (I also have a theory that Gypsy Rose is to Millennials what Amy Fisher was to Gen X.) Click here to see the reel

Caitlin Reilly on Gypsy Rose

Vanity Fair has called it – 2024 is the year of Renee Rapp. It’s a short piece but The Sex Lives of College Girls came up. She announced her departure after season two aired and with the strike affecting writing schedules, there’s no word on season three yet. I believe the show was meant to run for four seasons and losing Renee is a blow as the show had a core of four women. I suspected there was drama (why else would she leave two seasons in?) and her answer to a question about it pretty much confirms it. 

Can I just say, I feel a little bad for Jo Koy?! As Lainey wrote in yesterday’s opener, they gave him minimal time to prepare and when Taylor Swift is involved in anything, it becomes a runaway story.


We are underestimating her toughness and I don’t think she was so offended by his joke she left. She probably wasn’t offended at all and leaving during a ceremony is not unusual; many celebs clear out of award shows once they are done presenting and/or their category is called. They need to get ready for the afterparty. I think Jo should be given another shot to host with a writers room and more than two weeks prep. That said, the Golden Globes are only entertaining when they are messy and on that, they delivered. 


OMG Martin Short’s rep had to deny that he and Meryl Streep are dating. We Gossip Genied them a little too hard. I’m kind of impressed with the amount of gossip this cast produces. What’s next, Steve Martin breaks up Bennifer?