Sofia Vergara is celebrating her birthday in Italy and it doesn’t look like Joe Manganiello is there, which isn’t unusual. They sometimes travel separately, it looks like he’s working right now and they are grown-up, childfree celebrities (she has an adult son) with lots of disposable income so this isn’t a once-in-a-lifetime event. 


That said! Should we be tingling over his photo choice? I mean Sofia is a bona fide smoke show and there are hundreds of photos of her and he chose this kind of meh, grainy shot? Their dog Bubbles got a video from him! But maybe that’s a good sign – the dog gets all the attention in the relationship. 


I wonder if, when the bill is tallied, the Beckhams spent more at Disney World than they did at the Prada café. The House of Mouse is not cheap!


Everyone is talking about the Malibu Barbie house but if you had your pick of these 10 places, where would you stay? My first choice would be Caroline’s wedding venue (Succession) and my second would be Shoshana’s apartment (Girls). 

In my story on the Kyle Richards/Mauricios Umansky split, I predicted cameras would not go back up but I was wrong! Apparently they did pick back up to film the aftermath which makes me think something is moving in a certain direction. If they are copacetic there’s not much to film. Production wants to capture a story and a story needs an ending.


I read the quotes of Rainn Wilson talking about The Office and how he was making great money and working with great people but largely unhappy because he wanted to be a movie star. It sounds douchey but that kind of ambition is totally normal – you get a TV show, you want a movie. You get a movie, you want a franchise. You get a franchise, you want a production deal. And on and on it goes. I’m sure it didn’t help that during that time, both John Krasinski and Ed Helms were making movies. The Hangover was huge, so much so that it had an effect on how Andy’s character was written. 


Nina Agdal and Logan Paul are engaged. Seems like just yesterday she was young enough to date Leonardo DiCaprio. They grow up so fast!