Chrissy Teigen is back (again) to tell us she wants to come back. But it doesn’t feel like she ever really left. We all saw the family photos in Italy and she’s been pretty steady on Instagram. But it obviously feels different to her. 


The thing about “Cancel Culture Club” is that as much as we say cancel culture isn’t real (as in, it has no tangible consequences to most people), it’s feels real and consequential when you are in it. And not to lean too hard into Brene Brown, but shame can be a very destructive and harmful thing, especially when we participate in it en masse. Chrissy actively shamed Courtney Stodden (at the time, many people did) and now the collective “we” is shaming Chrissy. To some, that’s karma. To others, no one is the worst thing they’ve done. Most people’s opinion falls somewhere in between. Beyond that, the conversation with Chrissy is complicated because she’s trying to do something impossible – get everyone to like her again. (Not taking into account that even before this scandal, not everyone was a fan, but in the echo chamber of social media, it seemed that way.) She wants to be popular for the right reasons again. She wants the BuzzFeed “19 times Chrissy Teigen Tweeted About Her Period Like a Queen” stories. That kind of coverage will probably come back in time but some people will never like her again. There will always be a piece of social media that remembers, whether it’s people genuinely disappointed in her or bad-faith attacks – both are happening. Will she ever learn to live with that in peace?

Kanye West and Irina Shayk are reportedly cooling down, which is a little disappointing if true. I was hoping for one red carpet appearance.


Cody wrote about Olivia Rodrigo visiting the White House in her very cute outfit. Last night my son and I wanted to look up photos of her so I pulled up the Vogue Instagram account (instead of a fan account, which he would have chosen) and he said “oh that’s the old people magazine people make fun of on TikTok”… like what the hell?! Anna Wintour has survived multiple media coup attempts but the youths on TikTok could overthrow her. 

The Succession cast is STILL in Italy? Or have they wrapped and J. Smith Cameron and Justine Lupe moved on for a vacation? 


This month, Kelly Clarkson moved and requested a judge declare her legally single (there’s still complicated legal and financial stuff for her and Brandon Blackstock to work through). The fact that she has such a huge platform and she hasn’t gotten messy is very mature, because she could. But she stays focused. 

OK, I really need to watch this Sex/Life scene. 


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Nick and Vanessa Lachey got married on Necker Island? I do not remember this at all. I also have a tacky follow-up question: who pays for the catering and guests to fly in and all that? Necker can be rented out to the public (40 guest is $105k a night, including airfare and all food/drink/activities) so I’m guessing they paid but got a discount. 


Opinions can’t be wrong but this person is wrong and Meg Stalter is amazing and made Hacks better. 

Britney said: Free Britney!