There are some new photos of Gigi Hadid walking around in cargo pants and that’s a conversation I’d like to have: are cargo pants coming back? Did they ever really go away? Gigi’s are loose and low, with the pockets on the front. I always imagined skinny cargo pants would come back because those olive green J Brand Houlihan pants had a hold on us back in the day.


Bridgerton is back filming season three, with Jonathan Bailey doing his best flirty face with fingers, reminding me of how many people on Twitter want JB to (respectfully) violate them. 

David Foster and Katherine McPhee are still married (I think it’s been about four years?) and I did a quick search: three out of his four marriages lasted four years or less. Linda Thompson was by far his longest (1991-2005) and Kat is his fifth wife and sending a message that they are good. Fifth time’s the charm?


Gwyneth Paltrow has posted more of her home on Goop, not the same ones from Architectural Digest. The outdoor area is very utilitarian (it’s not the standard infinity pool with white loungers) and the bedroom is tasteful and muted. I don’t think this is her bedroom, but it might be. And it made me think of the scene on Sex and the City, “Oh go lay in your beige bed!” Excellent line reading by Sarah Jessica Parker.


This week, I posted about Linda Evangelista going back to work with Fendi and the timing makes sense as she also settled her lawsuit with CoolSculpt. The details are not disclosed, but I imagine it’s a monetary settlement and Linda was waiting for all of that to be finalized before working again. The statement is brief but has a positive spin, so a win for all. CoolSculpt definitely did not want the continued coverage. 


There’s a certain kind of celebrity that is defining 2022 and that is the actor who turns Twitter into a pack of feral horndogs (see: Jon Bernthal). Jeremy Allen White, who I didn’t know last month, is on the list. And he might even see those thirsty tweets, thanks to his co-star.