Not sure what is going on in sports (ever) or baseball (right now), but I’m reading this with Bennifer-coloured glasses. What a comeback!


Many of us were laughing about Kevin Hart’s llama (gifted to him by Nick Cannon) and the return prank is just a good. It’s a billboard with Nick’s real phone number and a jab at his prolific sperm. Nick posted a video of himself fielding calls that were coming in one after another. He definitely had to change his phone number, which is a pain. As much pain as taking care of a llama?

Jessica Seinfeld, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Amy Schumer invested in a new cleanse company. From Jess and GP, we totally expect this. But what about Amy Schumer? A lot of the comments on Amy’s post are expressing disappointment because the cleanse is expensive and the science behind cleanses is dubious. And to add to that, since Amy has always positioned herself as “realer” (or at least more candid) than many of her celebrity counterparts, this is rubbing a lot of people the wrong way. But sometimes “real” (however one takes that) women succumb to the marketing around dieting (which is now branded as wellness). It’s really hard not to absorb any of the messaging. We live in a society. 


Speaking of celebrity diets, do you think Madonna has ever had a hot dog in her adult life? I highly doubt it. 

I’ve been posting about the Succession cast a lot but this isn’t exactly about them, but someone close to the show. It’s about someone behind-the-scenes, TV writer Georgia Pritchett, who has a new book out – My Mess is a Bit of a Life. She’s written and produced for VEEP, Succession and The Shrink Next Door. There is no way she asked any of these people to post about her book, they wanted to do it because they love her work. It is only available in the UK right now, which I hope changes soon. 


When Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly didn’t show up at the premiere of her new movie, Midnight in the Switchgrass, some speculated that they were avoiding it, although the official reason was the rise of COVID cases in LA and the return of the mask policy. During filming, she met MGK, so that was probably a good experience. She and MGK went on Lala Kent and Randall Emmett’s podcast (he directed the movie). At that point, everything seemed fine between them. What happened since then? My guess would be money, as “Rand” (as he’s known to many of us) has some seriously shady business dealings. That’s how he built up a “geezer teaser” empire - I can’t recommend this Vulture story on him enough. PS. Bruce Willis wasn’t at the premiere either. 


Another update on the Scooter Braun/Yael Cohen divorce – Scooter has deleted his social media. If you follow him (I did), he is very active on Instagram. Very. And he was posting right up until he deleted. Why now? Is there something he’s trying to get ahead of?