Despite the sagging subscription numbers, Quibi soldiers on. The latest greenlight is for a new Chrissy Teigen show, Edible Creations, an adaptation of the Japanese show Sukurri Sweets. I watched a few clips online and Sukurri Sweets is energetic and fun but I don’t know if an adaptation is enough to save a billion dollar investment. As summer and COVID continue, I wonder what kind of conversations Quibi is having behind the scenes. Maybe they should buy Tenet and chop it up into ten minute increments. 


So, are these snakes that look like donuts? Or donuts shaped like snakes? I think it’s the former which, yes, sums up 2020.

The Chainsmokers played a party in Bridgehampton and the New York health commissioner is not happy. Who would have thought Diplo would be the responsible DJ dad of 2020? He’s staying his ass home. In more DJ news, Chainsmoker Drew Taggart is dating fellow DJ Chantel Jeffries. You know who she used to have a flirtation with? Flip to the third slide. I don’t think it’s a big mystery.


Everyone is getting a quarantine puppy! And they all have great names. 

The production value of Brad Goreski’s TikTok’s is incredible. Is he going to get a season order for these recreations? This is what Quibi should be commissioning! 


Do we need to get into the #womensupportingwomen challenge on Instagram? The crusty bitch in me (my dominant side) says it’s just another selfie drive with a hallow hashtag. The more optimistic side says it’s a pandemic, people are hurting for work (and for many, social media IS work) and if it takes ten seconds to shout out a woman and make her feel good, what’s the harm? Here’s the NYT’s Taylor Lorenz on the trend.

Today is Jacek Day on the site (at least in my mind). Kind, soft-spoken Jacek who has to gently remind me to submit my invoices every month is the star today. Not that he wants to be. But, as Lainey pointed out, that photo reads very differently to Canadians and particularly Vancouverites. First off, Captain Canuck Trevor Linden. And then Michael Buble, who wasn’t even acknowledged. As I texted Lainey last night, how did they not call him “Canadian crooner” in the caption? The DM never misses a chance at alliteration. Anyway, I don’t have a photo of Jacek to celebrate his newfound fame, but here’s Canadian crooner Michael Buble!