There’s another positive story about Princess Eugenie, featuring her mom Sarah Ferguson and mentioning her dad, Prince Andrew, in PEOPLE magazine. The story is about her not being pregnant (in fact, it was Fergie who brought the topic up to reporters at an event). Obviously, there’s a Markle Effect on coverage of the royals in the US in that she is interesting, so the whole family becomes more interesting. But the amount of positive coverage this particular branch of the family has been getting from PEOPLE is interesting, considering Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein. That scandal continues to grow. Here’s Princess Eugenie with John Richmond, the US Ambassador at Large to Combat Human Trafficking. 


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You can’t keep a scamming family down! Do you think Olivia Jade is auditioning to play herself in the Lifetime movie about the college admission scandal? That would be very meta. 


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One thing I’ve always wondered about in celebrity/civilian relationships is gifts. What do you get Rihanna for her birthday? Or Beyoncé? Or Lady Gaga? Or Katy Perry? Obviously not something with a lot of monetary value, because if they wanted that, they would buy it themselves. It would have to be experiential or sentimental (or both). Selena Gomez’s friends really nailed it with this gift. She looks genuinely thrilled. 


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Question for Game of Thrones fans: do you ever think about the show now that it’s over? I don’t, at all. Barely remember why I was so into it and would never re-watch it. I feel like I did my time and wouldn’t want to again. I don’t feel this way about Breaking Bad or The Sopranos or even Lost (even though I’m a little dense and still don’t understand that ending). But in terms of long-term “that was the best show ever” conversations, will Game of Thrones stand up, or did the ending taint it?


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Jennifer Lopez, fresh off her triumphant 50th birthday, is busy with work, as she usually is. She has her tour, promo for Hustlers, and is in production for Marry Me, a rom-com about a superstar (JLo) who finds out her famous fiancé (Maluma) is cheating on her, so she chooses a random everyman (Owen Wilson) to marry. Sarah Silverman and John Bradley have just joined the cast and I’m very hopeful. This is a classic rom-com setup, and for a long time, JLo was a classic rom-com sweetheart. No one plays the off-kilter everyman like Owen Wilson. I’m also excited about the prospective friendship between Sarah Silverman and Jennifer Lopez. 


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Jessica Alba’s Twitter account was hacked over the weekend; she doesn’t post a lot there (it’s mostly reposts from Instagram) so it stuck out right away. She didn’t even bother with the “I’ve been hacked” disclaimer after she deleted the tweets because it was clearly not her. But I wonder why the hacker targeted Jessica Alba, it just seems like such a random choice. 


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So sad and so sweet. Yes it’s Jennifer Aniston, of course she would be there. 


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A few weeks back, the LA Times did a story on how Lisa Rinna wanted to be famous, and becoming a Housewife did that for her. Denise Richards is now going through a resurgence because of the same thing – Lisa Rinna brought her on the Beverly Hills franchise and she became a fan favourite, thus the New York Times profile. Housewives might not be prestigious but there is an argument to be made that it fosters independence. When was the last time Denise Richards got a headline not related to Charlie and his life? In the New York Times at that. This is a whole other gig for her, with a whole other fanbase. 


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Attached - Selena Gomez on vacation in Capri last week.