Maria is travelling today so I’m taking over and we will start with the Queen, who performed at MetLife Stadium this weekend showcasing some brand new tour outfits. Yesterday, however, Louis Vuitton shared a video of what was custom designed for her by Pharrell for her concerts last week. Pharrell talks about the intention behind the creation, how it was meant for movement, the movement of her spirit, though her body – a “royal” body. 


There were a LOT of celebrities at Beyoncé’s show this weekend, including Oprah and Gayle who understood the assignment – during “Love on Top”, you are supposed to just keep going, don’t f-cking stop!

And also, Madonna was there and Beyoncé acknowledged it. They were both supposed to be on tour right now until M’s health issue resulted in the postponement. There were even rumours that M might make a surprise appearance at B’s show in Houston. Maybe that’s still a possibility… at some point? 


Speaking of tours, when Taylor Swift announced more tour dates a couple of months ago, Canada was big mad that there were no Canadian stops. Even our Prime Minister got in on it. Now DeuxMoi is saying that Toronto might be happening – and not just one show, not two shows, but TEN!?If this is true, and this is just a rumour right now, that’s kind of like a residency, and would that mean that Toronto would be the only Canadian stop? Also November 2024, by then she’d be on tour for a year and a half. 


Staying with popstars, this is all over social media platforms right now – everybody saying that Ethan Slater looks like Frankie Grande, LOLOLOL. But also… UGH. 

We’ll detour away from popstars quickly to talk about Marsai Martin because she’s giving Barbie and Bratz right now. And in Chanel no less! Which… it would have been too obvious of a fit on Margot Robbie, but it’s perfect for Marsai: 


And finally… back to popstars and what I always do when I’m subbing in for Maria here – BTS content!

Jungkook performed “Seven” on Inkigayo this weekend and V was there with him. During the encore, V joined JK for a bit of choreo. Naturally ARMYs lost their minds. 


RM, meanwhile, is on the move. He was seen at the airport on his way to Japan and posted from the plane, confirming that he’s been invited there for a collaboration between GQ and Bottega Veneta. He is an ambassador for Bottega. 

RM on a plane
Bottega Veneta's letter for RM

Meanwhile, given how short his hair is right now, questions remain about when he’ll be enlisting since his solo album came out last year. Technically as he was born in 1994, he doesn’t have to go until September 2024 but the idea was that they would all serve within a year of each other so their pause could be as short as possible. We’re now in the back half of 2023. I wonder if all of them will be in the army by the end of the year.