As we’ve seen through the week, the #BottleCapChallenge is gaining momentum as more and more celebrities are submitting their entries. Ryan Reynolds turned it into a goof – on brand, naturally. And ON BRAND, literally. Everything in service of Aviation. Here’s the thing though: you KNEW he was going to play it this way. That’s his whole deal, he’s a joker. To me it would have been a better joke if he actually played it straight.   

So who’s been the best so far? I thought, for a few hours there, that it was Donnie Yen, who increased the degree of difficulty by doing it blindfolded – and in a Raptors tee, so, you know, automatic as far as I’m concerned. 

But wait…! It’s not over. Or, rather, it IS over, because Chancla nailed it. She’s not just throwing a shoe. A shoe would be too easy. She’s out here weaponising a flip-flop! Flimsy plastic with all the force of a furious mother smacking your ass for only getting a B+ on a test. I KNOW this throw. And, and, and! It’s a bottle of HOT SAUCE! Everybody else go home!

Obviously no one will go home because people are thirsty and so many of them are still trying to get on this sh-t. Including Romeo Beckham. Romeo’s effort was produced by his father, David. At least I think it’s David from the tattoo: 


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Speaking of David though, today is the Beckhams’ 20th wedding anniversary. Remember, last year at this time, it was rumoured that they wouldn’t make it through the summer. They not only made it through the summer, they made it two decades. The lesson here is that British tabloid reporting is often wrong, even about British people. Maria can enjoy the last days of her holiday in peace. The Beckhams are fine. And David actually wrote “love you so much” in his caption.


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Today isn’t just the Beckhams’ anniversary though – it’s been 17 years for Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. Danny is on Instagram too but she didn’t tag him. Or include him in the shot. Not that it means anything. She is, after all, celebrating their anniversary. And they’re on family holiday in Canada right now – or at least they were two days ago. He posted a shot of her diving into the lake. Third one in his carousel: 


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Staying with Julia… how about this throwback that showed up on Twitter earlier this week? Can we get an updated version some time this year? 

There was a lot of emotion at the Valentino show yesterday as Mr Valentino was honoured, with Gwyneth Paltrow, of course, seated beside him. Derek Blasberg shouts her out in his caption because he’s part of that circle, but he makes no mention in his post about EMOTIONS of the Queen of all FEELINGS, Celine Dion who, obviously, is singing along. What else would she be doing?! 


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