Kanye West talked to Forbes about his Presidential run and it’s classic Ye – part troll, part freestyle, all egomaniac. The thing with Kanye is that he positions himself as a free thinker while he’s spouting off the same arguments you’d find in a certain kind of mom group on Facebook (vaccines are the mark of the beast, Planned Parenthood is a white supremacy tool, he wants prayers back in school). You know what’s more interesting than his “platform,” at least to me? That he took the story to Forbes, which the Kardashians have had a testy relationship with lately. That can’t be a coincidence.


I miss Greg the egg.

Drew Barrymore on the cover of InStyle – thoughts? Drew is a very familiar face and she has a very well-known story. We know who Drew is now, we know her arc, we know what she stands for. There’s no new information that could come out of this interview, which isn’t to say she’s not worthy or interesting but right now, does this feel like the cover for 2020? Does this feel relevant to the times we are living in right now? Do we need to hear her story one more time or is there room to tell someone else’s story? This is not a knock on Drew but on the platforms, like InStyle and editor Laura Brown, who uphold the Drews of the world as the center of every conversation. (On another note, if you love the t-shirt, The Detroit News will be selling them starting tomorrow. Check their Instagram.)


Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line opened a new flagship boutique in New York and um, what a time to open a new retail store.

Speaking of celebrity shoe lines, Catherine Zeta-Jones of Casa Zeta-Jones has launched Butterfly Twists. But after a few minutes of Googling, it looks like the company already existed (the brand’s Instagram account goes back a few years) and she’s either acquired it or has joined it as an investor/spokesperson. There’s a focus on ballerina flats, which I personally think are poised for a big comeback. 

Bear is not a celebrity in the traditional sense but he is a very big boy. Look at his little paw wrapped around and resting on the shoulder, kills me.  


CBS has fired showrunner and producer Peter Lenkov, who worked Hawaii Five-0, MacGyver and Magnum (clearly his strong suit isn’t original show ideas). You can read about his conduct here and I hope that, somewhere, Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park are having a “f-ck that guy” toast over Zoom. They are probably too nice for that, but they deserve it.