TV and movie stars in the 80s looked more mature than they do now because of a combination of things (clothing, hairstyle, makeup, the lighting, cosmetic enhancements etc.). And sure it’s shocking Norm from Cheers is only 34, but with a few slight adjustments, he is just a guy on Tinder who is asking if you’ve read David Foster Wallace. 


Ryan Ken is hilarious and the fact that this was temporarily removed from TikTok is ridiculous. 

Forbes is also reporting that TikTok blocked creators from using “Black” or “Black Lives Matter” in their bios creatives. TikTok, like so many social media platforms before it, relies on the labour of Black people. The way it’s operating now, it seems like TikTok wants the content but not the culture. For more on a recent creative strike by Black creatives and the impact of what happens when a white TikTok star copies a dance without attribution, this is a good place to start.


Ryan Reynolds is really good at viral marketing campaigns so I hope he does a spoof of the celebrity Imagine video for this. 

Since the scandal around Carl Lentz and Hillsong broke, Justin Bieber has remained quiet, even though his name is often the headline. He had nothing to do with it though, so not commenting has been a smart move. He continues to post about his spiritual beliefs but seems much less aligned with one single church or pastor. If he ever decides to speak on it, I’d be curious to know if he feels used by some of the people who were quick to give him a VIP entrance and front-row seat to attract new worshipers. Church clout chasing.


There was a little tip on DeuxMoi that Katie Holmes and Emilio Vitolo Jr were seen together in New York but Daily Mail has pap photos of him with someone who resembles Katie, so maybe it was a false report. What I think the takeaway here is that it is absolutely wild that Emilio Vitolo Jr is now getting papped on his own. How did that happen?


“If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” is an instant mood lifter. The Spice Girls should be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for this song alone.