Comment prize goes to Marlon Wayans, who wrote: This is what @kevinhart4real thinks he looks like in his photos.” (And please note these are outtakes. These are the photos that weren’t deemed good enough to make it into Variety.)


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The Good Place is ending after four seasons, which isn’t totally surprising. The series relies heavily on reboots (memories are often wiped and characters start over in a new timeline) and that can only surprise an audience so many times. They don’t want to pad the ending of the series, filling in another 2-3 seasons, which I can appreciate. 


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If you can watch this less than 5 times, you are more disciplined than I am. 


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Courtney Love’s famous friends (Michael Stipe, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Tom Ford) asked her 20 questions for Interview Magazine and because it’s Courtney, every answer is better than most full-length celebrity interviews.


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Nothing says “flashback Friday” more than a photo (posted on Saturday) of a group of women staring adoringly at Lea Michele in her wedding dress. (She got married. Did you hear?)


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I don’t know why Justin Bieber is challenging Tom Cruise to an MMA fight, but my money would be on Tom. Justin may be younger, but Tom is clenched. And if Justin really wanted to get his attention, he’d challenge Tom to a race, not a fight. Everyone knows how much that man loves a purposeful jog.