This is my second post about January Jones in a week and I feel confident in my choice. She’s fully embraced her role as hot-and-cheeky celebrity on the Internet. I got an email about her skin care routine and she’s posted about it a few times – here’s a new update. She goes for quality and quantity. That’s a skin care vault. She should have separate home insurance for those shelves.


Jessica Chastain posted a birthday tribute to Bill Hader, who DeuxMoi had a tip about recently. Apparently he and Rachel Bilson are dealing with each other again. They were definitely a story the first time around, so maybe this time they are trying to stay a little more undercover.


Este Haim and Darren Criss have launched a podcast together and their first guest is Maya Rudolph! That’s a pretty big get as Maya doesn’t just do any bit of publicity. Who else do you think will join them? Lea Michele and Taylor Swift are two names that came to mind.


Grateful for J. Smith Cameron and her active Instagram account because we know Succession is in Italy! She tagged the location (Florence) and included shots of Shiv and Frank – is this a working vacation?


This is Ruby, I love her and want her to be famous. Recently I have befriended a corgi named Lumi at the park around the corner. He is so brilliant that when I take my phone out, he stops to pose! I plan my days around running into him at the park.