Alec and Hilaria Baldwin have launched a podcast, “What’s One More”, which is a nod to their large family. I believe they are at seven together, and Alec is at eight with Ireland. Will they go for double digits? Hilaria has been back on Instagram for a while and limits her comments but besides that, the Spanish scandal is pretty minor compared to other celebrity stories. This podcast has potential because Alec has a ton of celebrity friends to tap into – the first guest is Instagram angel Leslie Jordan (he and Alec worked together on Will & Grace).


The Rock covers PEOPLE’s “100 Reasons to Love America” cover and it fits in with his brand as he’s already been Sexiest Man Alive and now he’s Sexiest American Patriot Alive. I understand the play here is to appeal to a wide audience and he keeps toeing the line on whether or not he is going to run for office, but here’s something to consider: we know The Rock is all about forward momentum, doing your best no matter the circumstance, hard work, and personal exceptionalism overcoming circumstances – all traits that many of us associate with American values. This cover is part of a broader message. But after a period of struggle for many (with many still going through the worst of it all over the world), is this hopeful? Or is the constant message to keep pushing forward a message of toxic positivity for people who need time to recover (financially, mentally, physically, socially) from the pandemic? 


If you can use Microsoft Excel beyond “auto sum” I will just assume you are a genius and/or otherworldly. Because I have never not opened an Excel document and f-cked it up within seconds. Excel rage is real. 

A lot of you have thoughts on the Chrissy Teigen Instagram apology and from the emails I’ve read, opinion is very mixed. Some think she’s being self-absorbed and manipulative by asking for forgiveness before showing what she’s done to earn it, while others believe she is genuinely sorry and is being punished for her popularity. 


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are in Italy and, um, you need to look through this photo album. Trust me, it’s worth it. (Even other celebrities are obsessed!)

Birthday blowouts are back with Puma creative director and stylist June Ambrose (who has done years of legendary work with people like Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, and Jay-Z) had a splashy celebration covered in Vogue. Everyone is impeccably dressed.


Birthdays led me to Beyoncé (who was at June Ambrose’s party and photographed several times) – on her own website, Beyoncé wished Kanye West a Happy Birthday last week (with the requisite baby photo). Beyoncé is never petty and always magnanimous. I think the Carters are holding some space for Kanye, I think they understand him better than most do.