Colin Jost and Pete Davidson are set to star in a movie about a wedding – it’s called “Worst Man” and is produced by Lorne Michaels (duh) and will follow the shenanigans and drama leading up to a wedding. This sounds like Bridesmaids after its been wrung of talent and charm and run through a 4Chan filter. This is exactly the kind of “gender swapping” scenario that Internet diaper babies get upset about – so where are they now? “whY Do thEy alWAys havE to genDer sWap rolES????? THEre’s AlreaDy a CLassiC mOvie about A weDDing. wHy aRe they Ruining mY cHidhOod?!!”


Kristen Wiig is engaged?! And she has twins now, via surrogate. But she’s engaged?! I guess the twins are a bigger deal but this is all new information to me. 

Twitter has voice notes now, but it’s only activated on some accounts. I haven’t listened to one yet because I hate voicemails so why would this be any different? Also, Twitter is rife with bots and harassment – will there be voice note threats and robocall voices? How will they manage this new feature when they can’t even manage to keep the literal Nazis away.


Fans have suspected that Lil Nas X ran a Barb (that’s a Nicki Minaj fan) account but he denied it because he was afraid of being outed and it affecting his career. Now he feels comfortable enough to say yes, it was him. And Nicki is embracing her Barb. I love Little Nas X but worry about him because of the circumstances of young fame (he’s 21) and dealing with homophobia and being so publicly accessible through social media. It’s a lot of pressure and I don’t want him to burn out. 

This pretty much goes for any reality TV star. 

Jennifer Lawrence now has a verified Twitter account. She’s joined in order to support Black Lives Matter and it’s interesting that she chose Twitter over Instagram. Instagram is visual and skews younger but tweets are easier to share and it looks like the focus here is on the spread of information. In that way, the medium makes sense.


Oh what a shocker, Sean Penn was a crusty asshole even when he had no acting experience and wasn’t famous. You can’t say he isn’t consistent. Sean doesn’t have personal social media but this is his charity organization, CORE, which is doing a lot of work with COVID-19 relief and support. And when else would we see Sean Penn and Dane Cook in the same photo.