As Duana wrote in the show notes for Show Your Work today, Rihanna is… Rihanna. I mean, that’s pretty much our thesis. And we hadn’t seen her tweet before we recorded the episode but it’s almost like she’s co-signing? 

I did not play Mystery Date. In fact, I’d never heard of it until yesterday when people started freaking out about Chris Evans on the box. Why? BECAUSE I’M OLD OK? Also my immigrant parents never let me go to sleepovers – what the f-ck else have I missed? 

There it is! The “baby girl”! It’s Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman exchanging “baby” back and forth as they wish each other Happy Anniversary; they’ve been married 13 years now. To play Maria, who usually does these posts, let’s analyse the photos they’ve chosen. On Nicole’s Instagram, she’s posted a shot of Keith kissing her forehead and they both have their eyes closed. On brand. Keith went with a shot where he’s embracing her from behind, on the beach. Both images play up the fact that Nicole is, clearly, adored. Did they show each other which ones they were posting before posting? 


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As I’ve said before, I’m not into babies but I am into their feet. Here’s Gabrielle Union and look at those baby foot buns! 


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OK so now I feel stupid because I actually was thinking of paying to see this movie again for the extra six minutes. In fairness to me, I just really like going to the movies, sitting back in a recliner, ordering up a burger and a gin and tonic, and watching the Avengers. It’s not a bad Friday night, you know. 

I am ready for this. I’m ready to spend my money on the album, on the merch, on the tours – whatever is available, I will pay for. 

Seems like every June, there ends up being a debate about the upsides and the downsides of the commercialisation of Pride. Victoria Beckham has created a Pride t-shirt. The proceeds will benefit the Albert Kennedy Trust, an organisation that helps displaced LGBTQ youth. Nothing to sh-t on here. Many young people have to leave home because of hostile living situations. Sad but true, not all parents are loving and accepting. I used to work for Covenant House Vancouver – many of the youth we encountered on the streets were there because they were the denied the right to be who they are and love who they love. As VB says, Everyone Deserves Love. 


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Only a couple of weeks to go before The Farewell, starring Awkwafina, written and directed Lulu Wang, comes out. It’s marked on my calendar. In Canada it comes out the same day as The Lion King. I’m seeing The Farewell first. 


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