The big news today is Kanye West x Gap, a headline-grabbing but not totally surprising partnership. The Gap has been struggling for years with sales and the ethos of its brand, while its sister company Old Navy has soared with its reasonably priced chinos and peppy, celebrity-heavy commercials. Yeezy brings in millions in sales to the table and Kanye has always been very clear on his ambition to do it all – luxury and everyday life. He wants the runway in Paris, but he wants every closet in middle America, too. He interned at the Gap in 2009 and now he’s a partner. There is no wrong answer here for him: if it sinks, the company was going under anyway and it’s not his fault. If it soars, he pulled a fashion institution back from the brink of insolvency. 

I’m a mask wearer and I think I will keep it, even after the pandemic (whenever that is). Before this, I used to fly about once a month and now I can’t believe I did it without a mask. 

Kendra Wilkinson got her real estate license, which means she’s definitely getting a real estate show now, right? There are so many reality TV realtors! Are you even allowed to sell a house in LA if there’s no camera following you around?

The lid looks just like my compost bin. 

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly went to Nobu in Malibu for dinner, which is the equivalent of skywriting “we are here” to the paps. They are in it. 

“While his son minds his own business” hahahahhahahaha. I wish all fan accounts were this good. 

Comedian Ziwe Fumudoh has been hosting a version of her YouTube show “Baited” on Instagram Live. Her latest guest is Alison Roman and Alison said that Chrissy Teigen was never actually signed on to produce her show and that it wasn’t really something she could dispute at the moment (source). There’s more to watch, a lot more. This is the rabbit hole to fall down today. Prem and I DM’d about Caroline Calloway asking for a compliment (!!!!) for reading White Fragility, a very Caroline Calloway thing to do. Her manager was frantically calling her to stop the interview as it was happening. If this is your first introduction to Ziwe, start with her pinned Tweet – an interview Aparna Nancherla embedded below.