I haven’t yet watched Demi Lovato’s conversation with Drew Barrymore but it sounds like they go deep into child stardom, which is  a topic I never tire of. Demi said their parents tried to ground them as a teenager and they responded, “I pay the bills.” Of course a teenager would respond like that! Because it’s true. You know the old “my house, my rules” parenting cliché? Well when you are not old enough to vote and yet you are paying the mortgage and the bills and the leases on the luxury cars, are you going to let your parents send you to your room?  


This is a genre I didn’t realize existed but now that it’s been spelled out for me, it checks out.  

One thing I will say about Kris Jenner is that she is one of the very few famous people who publicly stuck by Kathy Griffin through the last few years by still inviting her to parties and being photographed with her. Funny how all the “free speech” comedians were real quiet about that one.


There have been reports that Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah may not be over – PEOPLE (which has been reporting on them pretty consistently) said they are “figuring things out,” which makes sense as the last story they had about their break up was very vague.  

Hilary Duff’s starter marriage was not great and at the time, her career was stalled. Now she’s in a very happy marriage, a mom of three and working on projects she seems to love. In her 30s, flirty and thriving.


Same with Mandy Moore – she got rid of the bad man and the bad energy and This Is Us changed everything after years of career setbacks. She and Hilary are friends and have had baby playdates.  

David Spade is one of the new rotating hosts of Bachelor In Paradise which… might make me watch? I haven’t before but this shakeup is intriguing. Also David Spade has probably dated more models than Leonardo DiCaprio and if we were to make a prediction, he will hook up with at least one cast member.  

Kurt Russell doing colour commentary on Oliver Hudson’s illegal kick is absolutely a crack up.  


JLo commemorated On the 6 with a video montage and a notable absence: Sean Combs, who at the time was her boyfriend and a producer on the album. He used his influence to secure her tracks, some would say at the detriment to other artists, particularly Black women. The other week Diddy played around with a throwback but JLo didn’t respond and didn’t engage – he doesn’t get a mention here, unlike with her This Is Me… Then tribute which included her and Ben’s song, I’m Glad. 

Earlier this month there was a TikTok going around that was allegedly made by Julianne Hough’s niece who said that her aunt (not specifically named) hooked up with Leonardo DiCaprio and he’s a dud in bed (Lainey covered it here). I am still thinking about it because Star is off social media (even her Instagram is deleted). Justice for Star! She spilled some tea, but it’s certainly not the first time that kind of information about him has gone around.