You know I have a soft spot for Biebs and I really like this cover. With the leather jacket and white tank top, it’s like the heartthrob covers of history (by that I mean the 1990s).


Lady Gaga posted this photo from the House of Gucci set and I think she knew what would happen, how popular it was going to be. She’s Gaga, she knows how to use fashion to make a statement.


Back in the summer of 2020, I read a story on Evan Felker in Rolling Stone because I still check in on him and his ex-wife occasionally. If you recall, Evan (who is a songwriter/singer) and Miranda Lambert had an interesting relationship back in the spring of 2018, which went public in April and was done in August. There was a ton of drama around it as Evan was married to Staci Felker and Miranda was just coming out of a long-term relationship and it got super messy, with Staci speaking publicly about him ghosting her and Miranda (allegedly) power-calling her from a blocked number. Then Evan was kicked off Miranda’s tour and his band went on hiatus due to Evan’s alcohol-related health issues. Well he got sober, wrote a book and he’s back not just in music, but with his ex-wife Staci! And they have a baby!!!!! Whew. What a journey. 


Justin Timberlake posting a video of himself bopping around while Timbaland sits there nodding his head, in a birthday “tribute” to Timbaland, needs no explanation. We know. 

Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston are doing a virtual hang for Omaze to benefit the ACLU’s Southern California chapter (entries to win can be bought here). These two have stayed tight since Breaking Bad and also own a spirits brand, but will they ever work together again on screen? It all leads back to Breaking Bad. Did Walt die? Did we see him die? There was the Jesse sequel, El Camino, and Walt’s death was announced on the radio but what if…? They have for sure kicked this idea around with Vince Gilligan. 

Attached: Lady Gaga and Adam Driver filming ‘House Of Gucci’ in Milan on March 11, 2021.