Many people will find themselves working from home in these uncertain times. I have worked from home since 2015; I used to go to coffee shops, but I would get too distracted listening in on other people’s conversations. Let me give you some tips. For food, it’s all about the snacks. I prefer peanut butter and crackers. Have lots of snacks on hand. Fashion is whatever is comfortable at home. Jeans? We don’t know her. (As Rachel Handler put it in her Nancy Meyers-inspired work from home piece for Vulture: “Work from bed! If you want to wear jeans I won’t stop you, but I don’t support it structurally and I don’t support it spiritually.”) Personally, I think the ideal shower time is between 2-3pm. Just try it. 


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Diplo overshadowed by the ‘rona on Billboard. “Survival of the fittest” doesn’t really seem like a great headline, in hindsight. 


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Curious to see which photo people find hotter: Mark Consuelos on a floatie or Naomi Watts’s neighbourhood bodega stocked with toilet paper. 


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Queen of handwashing.


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The Hanks/Wilson family are on the mend – this is comforting. Also comforting is Chet Haze is back to business. Hashtag coronavirus. He ain’t trippin!


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Match play has been suspended for MLS, so David Beckham’s big debut is on hold.

Obviously this is an urgent situation and he’s not going to whine about it, but he’s been working obsessively on this team. And it’s finally happened, only not to happen. That has to sting, even in the big picture of what is going on. On the bright side maybe they will have a ‘rona baby.


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Channing Tatum has taken a pretty long hiatus from acting and is now moving into the director’s chair for Dog – he co-wrote the script and will star in it as well. It’s the Bradley Cooper trifecta. Will he grow a beard?


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