Phil Collins was trending on Twitter, which can be a bad thing for a celebrity but not this time. Everyone was just thinking about “In The Air” and some were realizing that Lily Collins is his daughter. Has Phil Collins watched Emily in Paris?


Dodger had his second hip replacement and is recovering well at home. I’m more attached to him than I am to Chris Evans.


Orlando Bloom is making headlines for this interview, which some people thought was a spoof but is real. He calls his pre-hike collagen powder and brain octane oil “quite LA” and it is but, maybe it’s the West Coaster in me, I don’t find this an unusual breakfast? I know people that do the collagen powder and brain octane, a lot of people. And we revere female celebrities who promote these kind of foods; Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow all built supplement brands around it. Let Orlando take his thick hair supplement in peace.

Is there a touch of spring in the air where you are? Here are two head-to-toe white looks to consider – one is sporty, the other is dressy. I think that monochromatic dressing is here to stay but muted earth tones (like sand) are on their way out. The white-on-white looks so much more vibrant.


Sorry to say it but I’m a hotel snob. I am not one of those chill “we only use it to sleep!” people. I need a clean bathroom, crisp sheets and, preferably, no carpet. Minimal furniture (why is there always a weird desk and chair set up in the corner?) and a good blow dryer. I spend hours on hotel reviews (back when I traveled) and I have never in my life come across a 7-star hotel. And what happened to 6-star, do those exist or does it skip from 5-star to 7-star? Please read the full quote if you have a chance, where Snoop tells the interviewer to elevate himself from Best Western and Motel 6. I, clearly, am not a player. 

I read this tweet on Friday and since then, I’ve thought of it several times and laughed to myself. The construction of the joke is so perfect because it’s a baseline we all know but he doesn’t go with the easy “mom” joke. The “aunt” detail is what makes it silly enough to remember.


Back in the summer, Melayna wrote that there’s no better time to binge Search Party  and I urge you to take her advice. I wish I hadn’t waited but at the same time, I’m trying to stretch out the last few episodes because I know it will be a long wait for more.

I do a weekly check on the Succession actors’ Instagram pages – this is the closest I’ve gotten to a clue about filming.