Have you been keeping up with the trial of the century? I’m of course talking about Gwyneth Paltrow’s ski lawsuit, in which she’s accused of crashing into a man and causing injury. The money at stake here is about $300k which is not nothing but at her wealth level, not a make-or-break lawsuit. The fact that she took it to trial means she really believes in her innocence (and I’m no body language expert, but she looks peeved). 


Apple, Moses and Brad Falchuk are set to take the stand so she must really mean business. If she wins, I’m fully expecting a “G Label court looks” newsletter. (That over the shoulder look is already a Twitter reaction meme.)


Reese Witherspoon got all the birthday wishes on Instagram, too many to count, from her famous friends. There’s been a teeny bit of chatter about the state of her marriage but to me, Reese’s Instagram is all business that is curated to look like pleasure. It’s brand building (and it has worked!), not necessarily a true reflection of her family life or even her work (because she works really hard and probably often works late and is up early). So I don’t think him not showing up on her page a lot is an indication of anything. 


Would love to say I’m super excited for the second season of Yellowjackets but I didn’t get through the first season. Not because I didn’t like it (I really did) but because I’m too much of a chicken! I found it really creepy and scary and yes I’m a wimp. I’m determined to try again. 


When we talk about fandoms, young women and men often get blamed for toxic harassment online but… who is really behind the keyboard? This is one chilling story but I think it’s indicative of the faces behind many fandoms we’ve seen over the years from Twilight to 50 Shades of Grey to JK Rowling to Cumberbitches. 


Chris Martin is making headlines for saying he doesn’t eat dinner and people might think it’s because of Gwyneth Paltrow but it’s actually because of Bruce Springsteen! Do not invite The Boss for dinner because he only eats one meal a day, according to Chris. The buzzwords around this are intermittent fasting or biohacking. My word for it is “hunger.”