Jennifer Garner’s Instagram is so good that I can understand why people think it’s a company behind it – there are definitely celebrities that have teams for their social media. Jen runs a smaller operation, just her and her assistant, Maureen Grosser, who is in self-isolation with the Jennifer and her kids. (Not Ben, who is busy with his daily pap stroll.) Maureen wasn’t hired for that specifically, she’s worked for Jen for 7 years, but she was a film major and can edit videos. She’s probably the one who came up with Jen’s Pretend Cooking Show.


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So many celebrities are joining TikTok right now, from Bill Nye to Hailee Steinfeld to Gordon Ramsay. We all need new ways to entertain ourselves, but what happens after the self-isolation eases and we all go back out into the world? Will TikTok be a graveyard of abandoned accounts? Like a Quarantine Time Capsule?


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Is it Thursday? Who can be sure?

The Ringer rated Rick Dalton’s best movies, accounting for about 19 fictional fake roles 

I think Rick Dalton is Leo’s best work, which is not to be confused with the movie he was hottest in: The Departed. I said what I said! (Lainey: WHAT?! He’s doing the same thing in that movie that he’s done in all his movies for the last decade!) 


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Charlie Puth is… eight years old. How can we ever look at him the same way again?


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Sarah reviewed Tiger King the other day and her assessment is bang-on, it’s f-cking bonkers. I’m just glad we aren’t close to Halloween – this is what everyone’s homemade Joe Exotic costumes would look like. 


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Eating dinner at 4:30 just feels right.

There’s a lot of snacking happening right now (no judgement) and of course crackers are part of the list. If you enjoy a Triscuit every now and again, read this thread. It’s not related to a celebrity but I swear I had no idea where it was going. (The records were destroyed? WTF.) This is a self-isolation accomplishment.