If you have a crush on Steve Yeun and think a video of him singing O-Town will kill it, I’m happy to inform you that you are safe. He has a decent voice! 


I skimmed the caption to this and thought “Oh NCIS ending” and then checked how long it’s been on the air – almost 20 years. But I misread and it’s not ending, this is just a season finale. It’s not even the longest running show on TV right now (Family Guy and Law & Order: SVU have it beat). After this long, how sweet is this gig for cast and crew? I once heard Jason Bateman describe steady TV work as a cozy blanket for an actor.

Heidi Klum cut her own bangs at home and did a pretty good job. She has had bangs off-and-on for years, so she knew what was she was getting into. Kacey Musgraves also revamped her bangs, going for a blunt look. In 2019 we had the shaggy Instagram cut and then we skipped 2020 – what will the big post-pandemic hair trend be?


Ms. Tina asks an excellent question about Beyoncé and Solange fan accounts – where do they get these pictures? Their mom doesn’t even know how they find them. And it’s funny because Beyoncé is known to the do the same on her website; whenever she wishes another celebrity or friend a Happy Birthday, she uses a baby photo: today it’s Diana Ross. 

Nicola Peltz is directing a movie; she also wrote the script, is starring in it, and producing it. This is obviously a huge undertaking and she does have some acting experience but this is her first time running the show. I got curious about financing because it’s described as an independent feature in Deadline and there are no details beyond that. She comes from a wealthy family (not just rich, but wealthy) and I wonder if that is where the money is coming from? I’m not knocking it if that is what it is, I’m just curious as to how you pitch it to your parents. 


Kevin Hart and his ex-wife Torrei threw a birthday party for their daughter Heaven’s surprise Sweet 16 and both posted photos and didn’t acknowledge each other. Going by social media, sometimes they are cordial, sometimes they joke around, sometimes they ignore one other. It’s a journey.

This is an iconic photo that goes viral every six months or so but flip to the second slide to see the tattoo. Sometimes a tattoo of a face can really go sideways but the detail here is incredible. Nailed all of the expressions.


Is pizza the unofficial food of the pandemic? Particularly frozen pizza? That’s understandable as so many of us are sick of the constant cooking and clean-up. What’s your frozen pizza of choice? I’m all about Dr. Oetker Ristorante Funghi, which is sometimes sold out. My back-up is the Ristorante Spinaci. 

I got a lot of emails from people asking me why Chrissy Teigen would partner with Kris Jenner. Well, this is partly why – look at this coverage in the New York Times for Safely’s launch. This is prime, A-list, highly coveted space and their combined star power secured it.