New It Couple alert: Lukas Gage and celebrity hair stylist Chris Appleton are official and in love-love.  Lukas has great hair, a whole mop of it, do you think Chris styles and cuts it for him? A quick Google search shows Chris’s day rate at around $2000 so think of the savings.


Has there been a story written on how Sesame Street has changed from public access educational programming to celebrity publicity circuit pitstop? I’d read that. (Elmo’s cardigan and Grover’s flat cap are delighting me.)

Lea Michele calls Jonathan Groff her second husband but it’s probably to spare the feelings of her hetero husband. Everyone knows the gay best friend gets top billing. 


After a short recovery from a very serious accident on January 1, Jeremy Renner is making the rounds to promote his new show Rennervations. He did his first sitdown interview with Diane Sawyer.


Kieran Culkin is often asked about his brother Macaulay and I have no idea how close they are or aren’t, but the questions feel a little redundant at this point. The Culkins were exploited as children and their dad took their money. Their lives, particularly Mac’s, changed the way we talk about child stars. At this point, unless they actively ask to speak about it, what else do we need to know?


Sheryl Lee Ralph talked about her experience being sexually assaulted by a TV judge in front of a room full of Hollywood people. She specified who it was not (Judge Greg Mathis) and now Judge Joe Brown is threatening to sue her even though she did not name the person. I’m no lawyer (and definitely not a judge) but how is this is a suable offense? I wouldn’t have even known he was a suspect if I didn’t see the story about him threatening to sue her. 


Breaking news – Julia Roberts got bangs!

Katy Perry has talked about being sober curious (she’s five weeks into a three-month pact with Orlando Bloom). It just so happens that Katy has a non-alcoholic spirits line to promote so the timing works.