Lupita Nyong’o looks unreal with her head shaved (very 90s supermodel). And the first photos of here in street style look amazing – the slouchy jeans and green sweater, the whole look from head to toe is so good and her shaved heads elevates it even more. 


The full trailer for Never Have I Ever has been released and while I’m very much looking forward it, it also seems like the storyline will come to a logical end. TV series that try to stuff college kids back into high school storylines always feel so forced. As for the endgame for Devi, it’s not Paxton or Ben obviously. College is her endgame. 


When a celebrity couple is getting divorced, the first place we look for clues is social media. The same thing can be said for when a celebrity friendship has cooled. A few people have asked me about Minka Kelly and Mandy Moore and while they still follow each other, I agree that there’s been a significant temperature drop. 


Mandy hasn’t posted about Minka’s book and Minka doesn’t often “like” Mandy’s posts (but Mandy does “like” hers). It’s like when a couple stops posting about anniversaries and Valentine’s Day – if they had never done it, it’s not a big deal. But if they posted about their relationship consistently and then stopped, it’s very noticeable. Mandy and Minka used to do birthday posts and this seems to mirror real life as Mandy was not at Mindy’s intimate book party and Minka did not appear in any of the photos from Mandy’s last baby shower. It doesn’t seem like a full falling out but something has shifted.


Selling Sunset’s Chrishell Strause married G Flip in a Vegas ceremony and you know what this tells me? Chrishell is getting set for a villain season, which any reality TV watcher can see coming from a mile away. Reality TV thrives on the “build them up and knock them down” cycle and she’s had a huge high after her divorce from Justin Hartley and that makes audiences even more invested in the drop. She’s already posted about the production company unfavourably so I imagine it’s going to be quite the storyline. 


We’ve heard a lot about nepo babies but Ike Barinholtz has a nepo dad. It’s a pretty cool story – his dad wanted to be an actor but gave it up for a more stable career in law and now, in his 70s, he’s in the game. His big break comes from Jury Duty, which is generating a lot of buzz. 


The reaction to the Charles in Charge ceremony has been pretty muted but Elizabeth Hurley cares enough to have coronation FOMO. But it did get me thinking about how this new regime does not seem as keen to engage with an important cultural product – celebrities! I know some had “scheduling conflicts” but this is the age of social media and for most, the coronation is an Instagram Reel to be watched once. It was not appointment television. Celebrities help drum up interest in the moment but they also create a longer tail for positive stories – what did they wear and where did they sit and what was the experience like? These are the kind of follow-up stories media can use.