André Leon Talley’s upcoming book, The Chiffon Trenches, is reviewed in the NYT today. Journalist Vanessa Friedman (who briefly worked at Vogue in the 90s) pulls together the threads of what was (Andre as a diva in a hedonistic and power-hungry world) and what is (an industry gutted by the internet, reeling from the current pandemic and uncertain about the way forward). And while the stories will certainly be outrageous and the personalities mercurial, Friedman goes deeper, writing “It is a tragedy: the story of how one man sold, if not his soul, then his heart, his intelligence and his body of knowledge for the sake of a suite of branded suitcases and Hilditch & Key crepe de Chine shirts. And it is a horror story, about what happens when you confuse your professional life with real life.” 

Like everyone, I’m loving The Last Dance (though let’s be honest, the editing is all over the goddamn place). I’m not a sports person so I didn’t know much about Jordan or how petty he is – the man makes up slights for motivation! Not only that, but he actively enjoys his pettiness. #ThatsallIneeded is trending on Twitter and while this is totally made up, it’s not far-fetched. He’s still mad someone didn’t shake his hand at dinner 20 years ago.

Heather Morris posted about her nude photos being leaked and of course the question is: who were the snide co-stars who made comments? I have a guess. Glee’s set was rumoured to have been pretty vicious. Every time I think of Heather Morris I have to bring up the fact that she was a backup dancer for Beyoncé during the Single Ladies era. This is important.

The Rock’s right-hand man Hiram Garcia (president of Seven Bucks and brother of Dany Garcia) is releasing a book of photos of him, pictures taken over the last 20 years. Is this a coffee table book? Would you leave this out for guests to peruse? “Please just flip through these photos of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson while I mix the negronis.” I can’t imagine, exactly, who would display this book.

This photo is from Earth Day but I just saw it – we know whose hand that is. I think the only person he’s come closer to be Insta-official with is Kelly Rohrbach (he let her family post photos of him on social media, but he never took her to the Oscars). Leo’s girlfriends always seem to take up his hobbies like yachting, scuba diving, playing volleyball on the beach in Malibu and bike riding around NYC with Lukas Haas. Also, finding the party. Leo loves the party. How is he doing without the club? 

David Beckham posted this and his hair looks good, right? I can’t help but wonder if it’s a reaction to these pap photos in which his scalp looks a little… shinier. Now if he were losing his hair, I don’t think it would have an effect on his public image as a DILF (see: The Rock, Jason Statham, Stanley Tucci) but that doesn’t mean he has to be OK with it. We all have our vanities. Or maybe the pap photos were just a bad angle (or some nefarious photoshop, which I would not put past the UK tabloids). Either way, David wants you to know his scalp is still full-headed, flirty, and thriving.