Sarah Jessica Parker has a solid business reputation, so when she was sued (and then countersued) over a business deal with a jewelry line, it seemed out of the ordinary. They settled in February, and now she’s working with the company again. What happened here? Huge miscommunication? An executive change? Or was this part of the settlement? I’m so curious how both parties came to the table. 


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The best thing I’ve read on Taylor Swift’s new album cycle was posted this morning, by Lainey. And I’m not being biased – the old Taylor is on the phone. So how long until she resurrects the squad? I think it will look slightly different this time because Taylor knows everything everyone says about her and she will adjust accordingly. 


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Chelsea Handler has been focused on her new book, Life Will Be the Death of Me and is launching a podcast in support of it featuring conversations with friends and audio from the book. This is a very significant promotional tool– it’s not a single episode, but 20. If this works for her, will it be something we see celebrity authors do going forward? Launching a short-term podcast to promote their book, maybe even in lieu of going on tour?


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Emilia Clark did something entirely relatable when she met Beyoncé (starts at 2:05) – she made a guttural sound and lost her words


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Victoria Beckham posted a birthday wish to David and all out of all the pictures she could have chosen (think for a second how many photos this man has), she focused on a tattoo he has of her name. I kind of love this! She often gushes about him and he doesn’t return her enthusiasm on social media. And she bought him deodorant (he posted a photo before deleting). But he also received a special present – a personalized message from a knight. He loves Game of Thrones, yes, but he also had a scandal when his emails were hacked and he bitched, hard, about not being knighted yet. So basically, his birthday was about preventing BO and a reminder that he will not be knighted anytime soon. 


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