The Masters were on all weekend and I watched the last five minutes to see Paulina Gretzky, who congratulated her fiancé Dustin Johnson in her own green jacket. It was Adidas, because that’s his sponsor. It got a lot of play on Twitter but is no longer available in green (you can find it in berry or lavender on the Canadian site). It was a very auspicious choice. 


The Impossible is the number one movie on US Netflix (I have no idea how that is measured because Netflix doesn’t release any data) but it’s interesting that, even in 2012, there was criticism about the film white-washing the story of the 2004 tsunami that killed an unfathomable amount of people. From The New York Times: “But as Maria and Henry’s ordeal unfolds, the film’s focus starts to feel distressingly narrow. Virtually everyone shown suffering after the tsunami is a European, Australian, or American tourist, and the fact that the vast majority of the dead, injured, and displaced were Asian never really registers.” Even as Watts was promoting the film at TIFF in 2012, the idea of “cinematic imperialism” was brought up, and she responded that 50% of people who died in the tsunami were tourists (not true). The criticism didn’t hurt her directly as she was nominated for an Oscar, a highlight of her career. But beyond this and Mulholland Drive, can you think of a Naomi Watts movie? I feel like she’s one of those people we are told is a movie star but isn’t really a movie star.

The outfits last night at the People’s Choice Awards were confounding but I can’t decide if that’s par for the course or if everything just looked wilder because we haven’t seen a full red carpet in a long time. That said, there were some really good looks, like Mandy Moore’s black dress. The Brandon Maxwell design is perfectly fit to her body and accessorized with blue earrings – simple and so pretty. 


Sparkly and sheer usually don’t work for me but Ellen Pompeo’s white suit was the ideal outfit for this time and this event. Dressed up but not desperate; it moved with her. I do wonder if a black bra underneath was ever in play, instead of the nude. 

Sia’s long-gestating feature film, Music, is making the rounds at the American Film Market. Kate Hudson shaved her head for the role in 2017, so this feels like a long time coming. Even Gwyneth Paltrow wrote “Finally!!!!!” in the comments. I couldn’t find a follow-up confirming if it has been picked up by a distributor and, unfortunately, it’s not a great time to be selling a movie. As The Hollywood Reporter put it, “uncertainty puts damper on deals”, which is not surprising. At this point, even 2021 is looking optimistic for full theatre reopenings.