Gigi Hadid is inching closer and closer to showing us her baby’s face, but I don’t think it will be an Instagram reveal. I think, if she and Zayn do decide to show a full photo of her, it will be an ad campaign or editorial. 


I liked this dress on Kate Hudson, which prompted me to check on whether or not it’s from her line Happy x Nature, which appears to have disappeared. The Instagram account is gone and the link on the New York & Company leads to a redirect. New York & Company filed for bankruptcy over the summer but still has an online presence (including lines with Eva Mendes and Gabrielle Union) and is looking to restructure or sell. Happy x Nature was licensing to NY&Co, so maybe it will find life somewhere else. But, if Kate did drop Happy x Nature, it would make sense. Retail is decimated and she already has athleisure and loungewear covered with Fabletics.

Elton John isn’t afraid to get a little salty and this is his polite way of telling the Grammys they f-cked up. 


It seems like everyone’s mad at the Grammys except Dua Lipa. 

If you haven’t already (I might be late on this), make room for Dash & Lily. It’s Gossip Girl meets To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before mixed with some Sloppy Firsts… and Christmas in New York. 

I thought turkey couldn’t get any worse than it already is, but I was wrong. Please no more cake, we can’t take anymore cake!!! Let’s leave this trend behind in the cursed year of 2020, please. I’m literally begging for this to stop. 


So I don’t know if this is from an actual pregnancy announcement or just an Instagram ad (these shirts are very common) but the logic doesn’t hold up for me. Stuffing doesn’t make a turkey, it goes inside it. So it’s the turkey that would have be stuffed, not the “oven.”