Nothing says Thanksgiving gratitude quite like a photo from Lea Michele’s wedding rehearsal dinner.


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Twitter mayor and cookbook author Chrissy Teigen has spoken. (And she agrees that turkey sucks ass.) 

When you are filled with holiday spirit but think ARod’s a jerk.Why am I laughing so hard at the not one, but two, postscripts.



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Nirvana L.L.C. and Marc Jacobs are involved in a lawsuit over a smiley-face design (you can see the comparison here). The similarities are undeniable, but Marc Jacobs’ defense is that he brought grunge to the mainstream with his 1994 show, which was trashed at the time by critics and is now considered a groundbreaking collection.

His team’s argument is that this tee shirt is a celebration of that collection’s 25th anniversary, not a Nirvana ripoff. They also note that he has a long-standing relationship with Courtney Love and Frances Bean, and that both women have worn his clothes, attended his shows, etc. Courtney has yet to publicly speak on it, which is so unlike her. She’s been spending a lot of time in the UK – maybe she’s feeling a little more tight-lipped lately.


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Fenty has dropped some new products: the coat Rihanna is wearing is shearling and on the website, the model is wearing it like a dress and it looks so good. So far, not a lot of celebs have worn Fenty in public, which means they aren’t giving a lot away. I see the reason behind this strategy – who could wear Fenty better, or get more press, than Rihanna? 


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There’s more Will & Grace feuding happening. OK so last time we checked in, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally were back following one another. Now it appears that Sean still follows her, but she has unfollowed him. But, to add to the confusion, she posted a photo with Sean just yesterday (and didn’t tag him). Whew.

And that’s not all: a reader sent me a screenshot of the comments wherein Debra, responding to someone asking why she didn’t tag Megan in a Will & Grace promo shot, said that Megan blocked her. Who is going to be the first to speak on the record about this? (Thanks Holly!)


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Yesterday I asked if Adam Scott is the hottie of 2020 and many of you came to correct me – apparently he is an established piece, and I am behind on this. He is a biscuit. Or, as a reader from New Zealand called him, a thinking woman’s crumpet.  


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