The replies to this are amazing. “Let It Go” has a whole new meaning. 

We’ve been writing about Kristen Bell for years and looking back at old coverage is always a bit cringe. Sometimes we get it wrong – very wrong. I have definitely been wrong (example: Jennifer Garner. I adore her now.). But sometimes opinions hold up. I went back and read stories, from 3-4 years ago, that I wrote about Kristen Bell being myopic and condescending when it comes to media coverage of celebrities. I still feel solid in that position and what people like Kristen and Reese (who did a tweet and delete about Ellen and Bush are showing us: celebrities of a certain level will always stick together. It is in their interest to do so and they will break out any argument, from “bullying” to civility to the new one, kindness, to maintain their status and keep the elite circle intact.


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Succession’s season one breakout relationship was Cousin Greg and Tom (you can’t make a tomlette without breaking a few Gregs!) but season two is, no doubt, about Gerri and Roman. And J. Cameron Smith knows it. She is all over Twitter stanning herself and her castmates. You love to see it. (Also her husband, Kenneth Lonergan, wrote about Kieran Culkin and had to add an amendment because I guess people thought he was being mean when, really, he was being complimentary. )

Candice Bergen adopted a new dog, who is rearranging some of the toys like a good boy. But that’s not the only reason I’m posting about her today – I just noticed that her Instagram bio reads, “Tired-ass Honky Ho.” Exactly that. And I’ve been laughing about it for an hour.


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Do you think Ali Larter and Beyoncé keep in touch? Don’t pretend you don’t remember Obsessed. If Bey is humble enough to approach Fred Savage at school because they worked together on Austin Powers, I feel like she would let Ali Larter bypass Julius to say hello at a party.

Whoever next interviews Ali Larter needs to make this the first question: Do you have any way of getting in touch with Beyoncé?


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Had to include this Sara Foster screenshot for my Yolanda Hadid stans – remember when she used to call David Foster (Sara’s dad) “My King”???? And she served him roast chicken in lingerie but didn’t eat because she was doing the Master Cleanse. A legend.