Do you think Diane Keaton and Nancy Meyers talk about their turtlenecks? Do they have their favourite brands/fabric/cut and that’s that, or are they both continually searching for the perfect one? Are turtlenecks proprietary information?


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Taran Killam (who is married to the lovely Cobie Smulders) spoke at length about the vibe at SNL for the podcast I Was There Too (Vulture has the juiciest bits recapped here). If you think SNL is toothless and self-indulgent, this interview pretty much explains why.


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How flattering would it be for anyone to greet you this way at a party? And how f-cking amazing would it be for Jeff Goldblum to receive you this way at a party? “My god, of course!” That would be goddamn delightful. Look at the caption for Jeff’s Instagram post – he nails the “influencer” tone so perfectly. (I have a theory that in current pop culture lore, Jeff Goldblum is actually the whimsical and playful man we want Bill Murray to be.) 


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Derek Hough is the guy who brings a guitar to a party. He might even play some “original music.” That’s not surprising. What is surprising is that, judging by the comments, a lot of women would like a man to sit on their kitchen counter and serenade them while they cook. This is a desirable scenario. So my overwhelming feeling of second-hand embarrassment at watching Derek Hough earnestly sing “Shallow” and annoyance that he is taking up all of the counter space puts me in the minority. 


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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’s final season premiered on Friday night, and it’s getting very little push from the network (even though most TV critics continue to adore the show). The first episode felt a little off, energy-wise. Why wasn’t the theme song ready? It’s a cornerstone of the show. I feel like one day, we will get a very in-depth and honest explanation about this from Rachel Bloom. 


After the family push for British Vogue, the Beckhams have been very low-key on Instagram, mostly posting about work (while David has been traveling quite a bit). This is always when the rumours start to bubble up. Until then, let’s enjoy Victoria in Vogue Australia. I’m feeling these looks.


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I’m guessing Adele didn’t go backstage after the show for a photo or Drake would already have it tattooed on his body.



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Our long national nightmare is over – Dustin Johnson and Paulina Gretzky are Instagram official again. Or are they? This photo is on his feed, not hers. Dustin never erased Paulina – she erased him.  She’s still holding out. 


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