Usually I try to keep this space pretty flippant, if only for the small mental break from the general state of society. But I can’t not talk about Chrissy Teigen because she is the celebrity who spurred me to pitch this column to Lainey six years ago. At the time, Chrissy was one of the first people to build social media into her career. This week, she and John Legend have suffered the terrible, traumatic loss of their son and she is showing us her grief. She is sharing it with us. And after years and years of following her and being entertained by her, we need to witness this and sit with her. We need to send them all the love. 


This morning, Cody wrote about Demi Lovato’s breakup ballad and Selena Gomez is making headlines connected to it with a weak story. In a video for Google, Selena shouted out Demi (alongside Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande) as great lyricists, so it’s not connected at all to the new song or the split, it’s simply a compliment. Now do I think Selena is aware of the f-ckery from Max’s end? Yes, but she’s handling it by ignoring it because it has nothing to do with her. She has no control over who tweets about her or who has a crush on her. By not giving it life, there’s no drama on her end. 



Lenny Kravitz on the cover of Men’s Health and his abs, at any age, are impressive (he’s 56) but what I want to point out is Lenny’s commitment to boot-cut jeans. Now you don’t see a lot of boot-cut denim in the world right now but it’s always teetering on a comeback. Would you? Could you?

Camila Morrone and Leonardo DiCaprio quarantined together and fostered two puppies, Jack and Jill. But it looks like that fostering turned into adoption? This is very un-Leo like, this level of commitment to parent together. Do they have a dog-nup? I’m kind of being facetious but kind of not because in cases like this, if there’s a breakup, having two dogs is a huge responsibility as they can’t be split up. 


There was a half-rumour floating around that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes broke up but it’s not true, she just posted about him (obviously not a coincidence). I feel like if and when these two breakup, it will be announced through their reps. Because of the fandoms you can’t leave a question mark. 

Remember when fringe movements (like anti-vaxxers or flat earthers) would want to spread disinformation in the past they had to do it via chain emails or physical mail? The good old days!

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel haven’t confirmed the birth of their second child, but you know who has? Lance Bass. Lance also said he’s spoken to Jamie Lynn Spears about Britney’s conservatorship. But how reliable is his information? His celebrity friends must know that as soon as they tell him something, he’s running to an outlet to talk about it, so they might be selective with what they tell him. They have to be prepared for it to end up on E! within a few hours.