The Chris Pratt conversation continues. Thank you for your email and tweets about why he’s your worst Chris (his affiliation with Hillsong, the elderly cat he gave away, the “Don’t Tread On Me” t-shirt). The larger conversation around it is the continued defense of him, which is of course bringing more attention to the “Best Chris” competition, which (until now) had exclusively happened online. So by defending him, these celebs are prolonging the conversation in a pretty embarrassing way. It would end if they stopped talking about it! (There’re many more tweets from James Gunn.)


Lainey has mentioned that she can sleep anywhere – but can she do this? Upright holding a face shield? Not related to Anthony Anderson’s nap is Tracee Ellis Ross’s outfit for Jimmy Kimmel, a suit by Loewe’s that is so extraordinary I hope that, post COVID, it gets some shine on a red carpet. This is not a look that should just be worn once.

Facebook is a scourge of misinformation and it seems like Instagram is taking a lead from their parent company on that regarding the SARS crisis in Nigeria. Organized troll campaigns and bots are spreading lies and credible news sources and videos are being pulled (read more about it in this Vice piece). Instagram has so far been ineffective and incompetent at sorting it out and Black celebrities like Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, and Rihanna are amplifying, trying to get attention on the real story. 


Charlie Puth thirst traps like Nick Jonas once did. 

There’s a rumour floating around that Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley are dealing with each other (I first saw it on Deux Moi and it’s been picked up by a few sports blogs). I’m curious. If they are, they have kept it very quiet and don’t want anyone to know (they don’t follow one another on Instagram). 

You know who’s having a great day? The person who runs the social media account for KFC. Prince William was caught checking out some juicy thighs and it’s gone viral. I don’t think of the British royal family as indulgers of fast food, but I once read that Princess Diana took him and Harry and McDonald’s as a special treat on Saturday night. Fast food cravings can be intense and specific; a turkey burger on a whole wheat bun is no substitute for a Big Mac. Seeing the way he’s got his nose pressed up against the glass, dinner at Kensington Palace might feature 11 herbs and spices this weekend.