Drake texting with his favourite high school teacher is peak Drake. 


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There is no way this cover could be any more on brand for Justin Timberlake. It’s literally his giant head.


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Celebs on sandwiches is just the right kind of cute and the subjects always go with the filling. Like Jennifer Garner on peanut butter and honey. It works, right? Or Tom Cruise jumping on a pulled pork grilled cheese. Do you think Tom Cruise eats pulled pork? Maybe as a reward for jumping off a cliff? 


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John Krasinski is so the “thumbs up” guy.


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A nuanced discourse on how magazines and celebrity personas effect women’s perception of beauty and self-worth, but make it fashion. (Also, this is the first-ever musical magazine cover. Will this become a trend?)

I think a great thing about being famous and 25 and engaged for a few months is that when it’s over, you can move on and forget about it. In a month, Pete and Ariana will be a distant memory in the pop culture landscape, and that’s OK. They were meant to burn fast. 


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She decided to give us new photos. Just feeling herself, or is this preparation for something? Now that the tour is done, how much time will she take off? We need to be ready at all times. 


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I don’t have my Liam Gallagher-to-English dictionary handy, but I think he’s talking about Radiohead?