Jamie Chung (who has fantastic style) and Bryan Greenberg welcomed twins, and he made the announcement on Instagram. I don’t really have much beyond that except I really like her chevron print sweater (it’s still available at Saks if anyone is interested).


I once read a Reddit post from a teenager called Hermione who said that her whole life, everything had been Harry Potter themed – her birthday parties and her bedroom and gifts and clothing, all centered around her name, which she grew to hate. She refused to attend her 16th birthday party because she was so sick of it. I thought of that when watching Orlando Bloom paint daisies for his daughter Daisy. Will she grow up loving or hating the theme? You just know she has a ton of daisy print baby stuff.


You may have seen John Mulaney trending on Twitter, where all the weird feelings people have about him come pouring out. It started with DeuxMoi, which posted a couple of vague blind items that were submitted, insinuating that he and Olivia Munn had broken up. Someone took those rumours to TikTok and it blew up. US Weekly followed up with a vague story. In short, we don’t really know, but the absolute glee some people feel over this possible split continues to be really weird. 


Slutty! Ted! Lasso! Halloween is over, she won.

Brie Larson’s boyfriend has been posting about her so I guess they were already Instagram official but I don’t follow him, so this is the first I’m hearing about it. It seems like they’ve been together the whole pandemic – did he ever make an appearance on her YouTube channel? I’m not sure and I wonder if she (and other celebs) who started doing online content will be able to continue on with it now that filming is back up and running. It’s very time consuming to make stuff at home.