“Sexy Dora and Diego.”


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Are you following Rose IV You? There’s speculation that is attached to Beyoncé. The Fader’s investigation concluded that it’s not a new secret project. But Refinery 29 says we should keep an eye on it. Personally, I feel like it’s a little too obvious of a play to come from the Beygency. 


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Sofia Vergara is TV’s highest paid actress at $42.5 million a year. The top 10 list for women and men is dominated by Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory (with a little NCIS, Law & Order, a couple of Shondaland shows, Homeland and The Walking Dead sprinkled in). Long-running shows are clearly where you make bank and by the time they are pulling in the really huge pay cheques, the production is running smoothly and actors could be filming as little as 3-4 days a week. What’s also interesting is that the TV actresses make more than their female movie star counterparts on the whole (Scarlett Johansson topped the list at $40.5 million), while male TV actors on the list pull in considerably less than male movie stars (Chris Evans was #10 at $34 million, which is higher than Jim Parsons who was #1 on the TV list at $26.5). I’ve gone down a bit of a rabbit hole but I really wanted to talk about Sofia Vergara, who is very famous but not very gossipy. Remember when she briefly dated Tom Cruise? Right after Penelope, but before Katie. Imagine if they had worked out? Hollywood Sliding Doors. 


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Shay Mitchell has launched a lifestyle line called Beis Travel. It’s carry-ons, backpacks, cosmetic cases and other travel accessories. The bags are minimalist and most come in a neutral, almost creamy color, and black and are pretty affordable (a weekend bag is US$78). Shay Mitchell is the exactly kind of actress (working, but not super famous, lots of social media followers) that pivots to lifestyle for the extra revenue stream. But with the saturation of the celebrity lifestyle market, I really wonder how lucrative it is for her, or Suki Waterhouse, or Nikki Reed, or Kristen Cavallari, or Naya Rivera, or Lauren Conrad – they might not be selling the same products, but they are competing for the same customers.


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“I have so many other things to be fearful of, a clown is not going to scare me.” Diddy is fantastic here. Please watch this (put your headphones on, it’s loud). And tell me, why have Ellen’s guests not learned to check the goddamn side table?


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