Julia Fox took the Vanity Fair lie detector test and this is why she’s a great celebrity – even when she lies, she tells the truth. And who cares if her voice isn’t real, she’s an actress! 


And she’s totally in on the game. 


Sophia Bush and Ashlyn Harris continue to make headlines for their, um, “instant chemistry” which is I’m sure great for Ashlyn’s ex to hear. Considering Ashlyn has two young children at home, these stories are not doing her any favours. I expect Hilarie Burton to jump all over this because, remember a week or so back, when Erin Foster joked about Chad Michael Murray cheating on her with Sophia Bush and Hilarie immediately came to Sophia’s side, defending accusations and using the word “harlot”? I can assure Hilarie and everyone else that no one was calling Sophia a harlot over that situation. It’s just very funny that the One Tree Hill gang is focused on a cheating story from like 20 years ago while simultaneously trying to squash this story. 


Gwyneth Paltrow is being honoured by the CFDA, which is a very prestigious organization. This is definitely a big moment for her and the brand as this specific (and fairly new) award is to highlight brands pushing new and innovative techniques in marketing. We may be sick to death of Goop but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been trailblazing - it’s a wellness brand that’s used to sell expensive clothing, mix an in-house label and designer brands. GP isn’t the first to be honoured – Kim Kardashian beat her to it, winning the first Innovation Award for SKIMS last year. 


Naomi Campbell was given a Lifetime Achievement Award from Homerton College - Cambridge. She looks, as always, f-cking spectacular but this dress is something else. It’s Vivienne Westwood and it’s so perfect for this occasion. 


Christopher Cote was an Osage language consultant on Killers of The Flower Moon and he gives additional context to the narrative gaps and the point of view of the film. As Sarah wrote in her piece, there’s still a story to be told by the Osage people and that’s not a job for Martin Scorsese, but that doesn’t detract from the film he was able to make. The way this discourse is already being boiled down on social media is, as Sarah pointed out, exhausting. (Video is from The Hollywood Reporter’s TikTok account.)