This morning in her intro, Lainey led with Kiki and so I’m going to follow her lead and lead with Kiki as well. Here she is in Armani and, as we know, she has her pick of designers. If she does make it to the Oscars, it will be Rodarte. Absolutely, 100%, no doubt. 


A few weeks back I went to a restaurant and they served a dessert with this crunchy, sweet topping and it tasted familiar but I couldn’t place it and someone at the table said, “It’s a Crunchie bar” and they were right! It was the exact same texture and taste, if not the actual chocolate bar cut up into tiny bits and placed on top of a dessert that cost $26. (Another time, I went to a Michelin star restaurant and they used corn nuts in one of the dishes and the chef said they spent months trying to replicate a store-bought corn nut and couldn’t so finally decided to use the packaged version.) Respect snack food is all I’m saying. 


There was a post on DeuxMoi that in the US, there might be some actors who will be busted for having fake vaccine cards. The way the tip was presented, I take it as a guess and not insider information. Yes, this could happen but it would be a really stupid way to mess with an insurance company (actors do not want to be left uninsured because that’s a barrier to being hired). But if it does happen, it will be like the college scandal all over again. Except this time, there will be some very loud dumbasses who will pledge their undying support of those actors and follow them to Parler or whatever. Since we are talking about anti-vaxxers I went with the most famous one for the photo although I suspect that to be on set for The Masked Singer, she’s had her shots, though she probably wouldn’t admit it. 

Lainey has written about the style gap between Heidi Klum’s red carpet and street style and I think for America’s Got Talent, she falls right in between the two extremes. One day she’s wearing this look and the next there’s a Vera Wang suit with a unique fit. I really like the suit. (Why are Heidi’s comments off though? That seems a little odd.)


I was listening to Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, a podcast that’s been around since 2015 and has a really devoted following. She deals mostly in reality TV and pop culture, mixed in with a bit of current events. Anyway, in one segment she said that she’s noticed a lot of celebrities launched podcasts during 2020/21 when film and TV work was shut down, probably on the advice of their agents, and that many of them are now letting them languish because of the work involved and how difficult it is to make money.  Her advice was shut it down now but also, have it removed from the internet altogether. Delete it, scrub it, remove any trace of it. In her mind, there’s no benefit to have old podcasts floating around and I have to say, this sounds like pretty solid advice. 

Brad Pitt made his debut as a “global ambassador” (a completely meaningless title that applies to any celebrity who stars in multiple ad campaigns for a brand) in a commercial directed by Damian Chazelle. De’Longhi has budget. The commercial is a minute of chill Brad on a bike, making his way around Los Angeles and returning home to a fresh cappuccino. Do you think, for research, the team watched George Clooney’s Nespresso ads, which are irreverent and lean into George’s playful personality? The De’Longhi ads do not have the same tone and the entire ad is completely focused on Brad. I guess if you are paying for that face, you want to lean into it. So what can we glean about Brad’s career from the ad? Not much as he’s still wildly in demand. The only thing I can think of is that he needed more cash flow – maybe to buy out Miraval, which is still a point of contention in the Brange divorce?


The flooding happening in the Northeast US is absolutely devastating and Busy Philipps, like so many others, is just doing what she can. I am in awe at the ingenuity of homemade sandbags and well, all of it. Stay safe everyone!