The Rock is definitely a “if you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late” person and we know how seriously he takes work. He was leaving for set in the morning (he’s shooting Black Adam in Atlanta) and the gate wasn’t working so instead of being an hour late, he ripped the thing straight off a brick wall. OK, I can understand his work ethic compelled him to do this because he does not abide keeping a crew waiting, but did the house not have a ladder? Why couldn’t he climb over the gate and then get a car to pick him up? Whatever, never mind that: you now there’s security footage of this and I think we will see it when during the press for the film. 


Back in January 2020, when we could be in crowded rooms, Reese Witherspoon scored a glass of Ace of Spades from Jay and Bey’s personal stash at the Golden Globes. The Carters then sent Reese her own case, which she saved for a special occasion – an Emmy party in her backyard.

In a “well at least it didn’t happen in person” moment, Jason Bateman was named the winner of Guest Actor in a Drama Series (the real winner is Ron Cephas Jones from This Is Us – we’ll get back to that in a second) which was announced at the Creative Arts Emmys a couple of days ago. This is a very Michael Bluth moment (Jason didn’t win for The Outsider) but there’s a lot to be grateful for – at least he didn’t walk halfway up to the stage or have a full-on La La Land/Moonlight moment. But there’s more to this award than Jason losing: Ron Cephas Jones and his daughter Jasmine Cephas are the first ever father-daughter duo to win in the same year (Jasmine won for outstanding actress in a short, comedy or drama for Quibi’s #FreeRayshawn). 


Will you look at this chunky monkey!!!! Wyatt looks so squishy, which would make him a great nap partner. 

Ms. Tina held her yearly WACO Gala online this year and so many people showed up with a corny joke for her (Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Zendaya, Isaa Rae, Marsai Martin, Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett, Megan Thee Stallion – that’s just a few of the names). There are many more on her Instagram page and this is a testament to not just how beloved of a matriarch she is, but of how she shows up for others and, when it’s time, they show up for her. The two corny jokes I want to focus on come from Solange (read Ms. Tina’s caption about her, “My Baby does nothing like this for anyone, She is an Artist You Know”) and Beyoncé, who did her joke while Blue said “mom, the voice, no.” Ms. Tina didn’t like the first take (“put on some makeup and get in some good light”) – she told B to fix her face! Only a mother could do that. 


Diplo has worked with Noah Cyrus and Billy Rae Cyrus and now, maybe Miley? Because 2020 has been so chaotic, I’m almost hoping this is a temporary fling because it would be an absolutely bonkers and dramatic pairing that would play out on social media and this is exactly the kind of distraction we need for the next two months.

Attached - Jason Bateman in the audience during the 72nd annual Emmy Awards.