Bruce Springsteen appreciation is never lacking on social media (especially when some photos of a young Bruce circulate on Twitter) but this month he is promoting new work with two covers – AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) and Rolling Stone. The cover and photos are pretty similar because there’s only a few ways to go with The Boss, aesthetically speaking. It’s just an interesting crossover because I’ve always thought of AARP as targeting 65+, which isn’t to say that they don’t get interesting cover subjects (they do), but its Instagram bio reads “A journey through the lives of Generation X.” Gen X is about 44-55 years right now, and I don’t know anyone in that age group that is retired, so when did they start skewing younger than retirees? I’m not the only one who has had this question because it’s fully explained on the Wiki page – anyone of any age can join and now I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole. The magazine’s circulation and advertising success is insane considering how dire media has been for the last decade. It has, by a mile, the largest circulation in the US, taking the top two spots (for the magazine and the bulletin). Conde Nast should be taking tips from them.


Victoria Beckham held a show for London Fashion Week with just four guests – Romeo, Harper, Cruz, and David (Brooklyn and Nicola are in the US). David even filmed a video talking about their time in quarantine and Victoria’s focus and commitment to her brand, which British tabloids love to paint as fiscally untenable. Is the money shaky? Yes, but she is not alone in that – the entire industry is on the brink of annihilation right now. Everyone is worried. And to me, this video is about the Beckhams sticking to their second act – they’ve made a commitment to the fashion industry and are seeing it through. But we also have to discuss the obvious situation happening here: sandals with socks. I’m totally pro. 

Meghan Markle made a surprise video appearance on America’s Got Talent and I think Terry Crews’s styling of her name was correct (Meghan, Duchess of Sussex) but they tagged their old Instagram account. And I truly don’t mean this as shade, but it kind of looks like Archie Williams didn’t really know who she is?  Or maybe they just didn’t get the reaction shot. (To read about Archie’s story, check out Project Innocence.)


Not sure if it’s happened where you live, but autumn is in full effect in Vancouver (meaning it’s pouring rain today). The Christian Girl Autumn memes are in full effect too – pumpkins and knee-high suede boots and felt hats for everyone! But seriously, self-described “Southern belle and fashion and lifestyle blogger” Caitlin Covington (a study for how your name can decide your destiny) posted a link to a Go Fund Me for the trans woman who created the meme. (She donated as well.) I wish there was a way for social media to pay these creators, who are often young/BIPOC/LGBTQIA2S+, for their content. Meme creators need agents. 

This is some industry stuff, but still interesting: Eva Longoria has left CAA for WME. Eva is one of those people that is underrated in that she is creating projects all the time (as an executive producer, director and actress) and maybe this move to WME (which reps actor/producers like Dan Levy , Tyler Perry, The Rock and Lena Waithe) will put her work in front of a more appreciative audience. There is no reason she shouldn’t have the reach of someone like Reese Witherspoon.