Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced their separation in the spring, and since then have been publicly amicable (judging by the amount of likes he’s throwing up on her Instagram). In the last 24 hours there have been two positive stories (one in PEOPLE and one in E!) to remind us how drama-free the split has been, even as they both begin to date again. This is setting the stage for one (or both) of them to start stepping out with other people. My smutty senses are telling me that one of them is dating another famous person, and that’s why this groundwork is being laid. There’s one more thing that stuck out to me: In the PEOPLE story, co-parenting is the focus, with a source telling them that “Channing is a great dad when he is around”. That’s interesting wording, “when he is around.” Because the implication is that he’s not around a lot, right? Consider what the reaction would be if the gender was flipped and she was described as a great mom “when she is around.” It wouldn’t be so congratulatory and upbeat.  


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Last year, Kevin Hart got caught in a whirlwind of f-ckery and in a new interview says it made him a better husband. In fact, it made him the best kind of partner: “I am amazing because I get it now.” Of course him “getting it” probably came at great expense to his wife, but Kevin says it’s all good because she can handle it. “I applaud her for being my backbone, my support system, and more importantly, taking my life to the next level.” In Kevin’s version, Eniko didn’t just stand by her man, she stood behind him and propped him up. 


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How long did Meek Mill let Ed Sheeran wear his chain?


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Dax Shephard is doing a run of The Good Place peeps on his podcast, Armchair Expert. Are you caught up? It’s starting soon and it’s not too late. Busy Philipps just got into it. 



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Apple is so grown up and a looks like so much like her mom, but also like her dad? I know that’s contradictory. 


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Lindsay Lohan is constantly talking about a comeback, but this is probably the furthest she’s come in that pursuit: the Saint Laurent show in Paris. A proper A-list affair crowd with Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford and Edward Enninful in attendance. I’d love to know how Lindsay circulated, and what the other celebs thought of her front row presence. Nicole Richie was also a guest and I can’t imagine she was excited to see her – in August, on WWHL, she was asked when was the last time she spoke to Paris and Lindsay. She was very specific and warm in her answer about Paris. When it came to Lindsay, she shut that sh-t down real quick. (Watch the clip here.)


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