The “cats who look like Lady Olenna Tyrell” memes will never not be funny.

Not even international superstardom is a match for customs bureaucracy.

If Jennifer Garner is the “good girl” is Mark Ruffalo the “nice guy”? Is that why, after all these years, 13 Going on 30 is still a must-watch whenever it’s on TV?


Wasn’t my proudest moment, but I really am sorry!

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I didn’t know Yara’s new show was called Grown-ish. That’s perfect. So perfect. My hopes are too high already.


She's mine pt. 2

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No one ever tells you how much of marriage constitutes talking about going to the grocery store.


#29years @kikkosedg

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#29yearsandcounting @kikkosedg (Tybalt and Jane miss u)

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This is a lot to process on a Tuesday morning after a long weekend. How can I eat people’s faces and be a better person at the same time?

To quote many of the comments, “OMG I’m pregnant.”


Ow. Featuring @pascalispunk squared.

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