Jenna Lyons went from the peak of the fashion world pyramid to persona non grata pretty quickly. She didn’t do anything wrong but she left J.Crew and with that, a lot of people had no use for her at their parties or shows. Her phone stopped ringing. How ironic that the thing to get her back in Vogue (and maybe even back to the MET Gala) would be the low-brow world of Real Housewives. When we see feathers on the red carpet now, they are so overdone but when Jenna did it, it was inspired and fresh. She also reworked this skirt for Solange’s wedding - that is a flex!


I love, love, love this initiative to provide free menstrual products in some parts of the US through an organization called Aunt Flow. The lack of tampon machines in public places is astounding. I was once at the waterslides and got my period while wearing a white bathing suit (a real teen magazine anecdote) and there were no tampons on site! My brother-in-law went to a gas station for me because when I get my period unexpectedly, it’s a communal problem. It’s all hands on deck. For many, the lack of accessibility and affordability to products is a massive issue that is inadequately addressed in many places. The only downside to this post is Instagram’s increasing flawed user experience. The wall of caption text is not reader-friendly because the platform encourages us to keep scrolling. 


Speaking of Vogue, the September issue is coming and it is typically the biggest of the year. Any cover star guesses? Mine is not one but four – the four supermodels who will be starring in The Super Models. The show premieres on September 20th so the timing is perfect. I almost wonder if they picked September for this reason.


As human hemorrhoid Jason Aldean continues to make headlines, I found this story about the culture war in country music by Emily Nussbaum for The New Yorker really interesting. Yes he has Instagram and I could technically pull a photo to use but did you know the The Chicks are on tour?


Last I checked, Gigi Hadid and Leonardo DiCaprio were maybe dealing with each other again but a little twist – maybe? – with this. She has liked a photo of Zayn Malik and while of course they are co-parents, this denotes a different kind of friendliness right? And she knows that we would know she liked it. It’s a public thing. Meanwhile, Daily Mail is once again linking Leo to model and activist Neelam Gill but I’m pretty sure she’s dating someone in his circle, as Page Six confirms. This is the second time this has happened – Leo dates models but so do his friends! If it was his actual girlfriend, he’d try a little harder not to be photographed with her. And finally once upon a time, nearly ten years ago, Neelam and Zayn were linked in the British tabloids (which is hardly a lock).